UMPG Privacy Policy for Customer Service Portal

Effective Date: 1st October 2008

As the owner and operator of the Customer Service Portal ("," " Service," or "Service"), Universal Music Publishing Group (collectively, "UMPG", "we," "our" or "us") takes the privacy of our client users seriously and is committed to helping protect the confidentiality of your royalty statement information.� To demonstrate our concern, we have developed the following Privacy Statement (or "Policy"), which explains - in simple terms and an easy-to-follow bulleted format - the types of personal or unique customer information that may be collected from you or created by us in order to provide you the Service and some of the measures we take to help keep your royalty information secure.

If you have any questions or comments about this Policy or the security of your royalty information, please contact us via email at .

  • 1] About

    1. 1] is an online paperless royalty statement service that UMPG provides exclusively to its clients, which may include song writers, artists, ir respective agents, or anyone else with whom UMPG may have a royalty contract (collectively, "clients," "customers" or "you").� The Service provides our clients with an easy-to-use web-based tool that allows you to (among other things) view detailed royalty activity for the past 6 accounting periods, sort and manipulate the presentation of royalty information in a variety of ways (e.g., by territory, song title, accounting period, etc.), and print or download to your computer individual or summary royalty statements in multiple formats (e.g., pdf, Excel data file). Simply put, summarizes your royalty information in an efficient and client-centric manner.
  • 2] Scope of this Policy

    1. 1] This Policy applies to our collection and/or use of any unique customer information (defined below) in connection with providing you the Service at ("Website" or "Site").� Any customer information or correspondence sent to us via email addresses available through the Service, such as through a Contact Us link, is not covered by this Policy.
    2. 2] This Policy does not cover information regarding our clients that may be obtained or used by UMPG offline (even if gathered in the context of contract negotiations), unless such information is specifically used and/or displayed for purposes of providing you this Service.
    3. 3] This Policy does not apply to third party websites or online services (i.e., sites or services not owned or controlled by UMPG) which the Service links to or which link to the Service, such as those of any business partner.� We are not responsible for the content or practices of any third party site.
    4. 4] is a service intended for business use by UMPG clients only.� We do not offer access to the Service by the general public.
    5. 5] All users of must be at least 18 years of age (or, if younger, accompanied by a parent or guardian of such minimum age) and have been pre-authorized by UMPG to access and use the Service.� We therefore do not knowingly solicit, collect, or use personal information from individuals under the age of 18 through the Service.
  • 3] User Enrollment and Information Collection/Use

    1. 1] Because is primarily a statement presentation tool, nearly all of the client-specific information needed in order to calculate and present the royalty data within your account on has already been obtained from you and stored as part of your earlier contract negotiations with UMPG.� This allows us to create (on your behalf) unique and more secure login credentials for your use in accessing the Service, and further allows us to minimize the amount of information we need to request or collect from you through the actual Service portal itself.� The personal information we've already collected from you and stored during contract negotiations, together with any unique login information we create and you later modify for purposes of accessing and using the Service, collectively make up your "unique customer information."
    2. 2] The first time you attempt to access your account through, you may be asked to provide certain unique login information (such as a User ID) which was previously issued to you by UMPG. After logging in with this information and possibly verifying other information (see below), you may be asked to set an initial password and asked to furnish that password before you can fully activate your account and begin using the Service. This process is known as multi-factor authentication and is often used by banks to keep access to your financial information more secure.
    3. 3] At some point during this initial login process or shortly afterwards (and in addition to the steps above), you may be prompted to:
      1. 1] Set a permanent password you are more likely to remember later on;
      2. 2] Provide or verify certain contact information such as your name, company name, address, email address, and/or phone number(s); and/or,
      3. 3] Establish one security answer so that you can easily and securely retrieve or reset your login password if you forget it later.
    4. 4] Certain demographic information, such as language preference, may also be collected from users so that we can provide you the most personalized experience possible.
    5. 5] We may collect certain technical information such as statistics and information about your use of the Service and the computers used to access the Service.� This type of information may be automatically collected by UMPG through the use of standard web technologies such as cookies.� Please see Section 4 below for more details.
    6. 6] All of the information referenced above (if not already specified) is used for the following limited purposes:
      1. 1] To provide and administer the Service for your benefit and convenience;
      2. 2] To keep your account information secure;
      3. 3] For internal reporting on how the Service is being used;
      4. 4] To send you periodic updates regarding the Service or notices that new royalty information is available in your account.
    7. 7] Other than your name or business name and a limited amount of contact information which only appear after you have successfully logged in to your account, no unique customer information is displayed within any part of the Service interface.
    8. 8] The amount of information we request for each purpose or activity listed above is proportionate to the information we believe is reasonably necessary to administer that purpose or activity in the most efficient, convenient, and user-friendly manner possible.
  • 4] Cookies and Log Files

    1. 1] Like many other websites and online services today, we may use certain standard web technologies to automatically collect certain information about your interaction with the Service and, in return, provide you a more customized and time-saving user experience.� Examples of the types of technologies we may use and how we may use them are provided below.
      1. 1] Cookies - these are small text files that we may store on your computer to remember certain things about your account login status and/or your computer system.� For example, cookies might remember the fact that you successfully logged in to the Service initially via the multi-factor authentication process, as well as which tabs and pages you viewed or clicked on within the application.� Cookies might also be used to capture your computer's Internet Protocol (IP) Address (assigned by your Internet Service Provider), which may allow us to determine from which general geographic areas our Service is being used/accessed.� Upon subsequent logins to the Service, we may retrieve cookie information and use it to automatically recognize your computer so we can save you the time of having to re-enter certain unique login information and display content or pages using settings you've previously set up.

        Most common web browsers today, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, allow you to modify your Internet settings to block cookies entirely, alert you every time they are being sent, or allow their use by only those websites you select.� You can also delete cookies that are currently stored on your computer's hard drive. To do this within Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Options or Internet Options, and then choose the Privacy tab to make your selections. Please note, however, that if you choose to disable cookies, certain remember features may not work properly and you may have to re-authenticate yourself every time you try to login to or access the Service.�
      2. 2] Web Logs or Log Files - these are files stored on our web server that record navigational activity and gather non-identifiable statistics about your use of the Service.� The information collected through log files may include (among other things): (i) the type of browser and operating system you use; (ii) your computer's IP address; and, (iii) other information about your online session (e.g., date and time of your login, URL you came from to get to the Service, etc.).� In addition to using this information to better understand how our Service is used and to improve its functionality, we may use log file information such as your computer's IP address (together with unique customer information if necessary) to troubleshoot technical problems, help ensure the security of our Service and users, or temporarily or permanently prohibit or restrict access to our Service.
  • 5] Disclosure of Information

    1. 1] Subject to your compliance with the security tips in Section 6 below, your unique customer information and royalty statement information will only be viewable and accessible to you (or those whom you authorize), UMPG, and any service providers we hire to help us administer the Service or make royalty payments and who have a need to access the information to perform these duties.� These service providers are prohibited from using your information for any other purposes.�Your information will not be shared with outside third parties, except in the limited circumstances below.
      1. 1] Successors and Assigns. In the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or other similar event involving UMPG or the Service, your information may be transferred to our successor or assign.
      2. 2] Legal Disclosures. UMPG may disclose your information in the good faith belief we are required to do so by law or such disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes, enforce contract terms, respond to or resolve any claims (including valid customer complaints), or otherwise protect the safety or rights (including intellectual property rights) of UMPG, our clients/customers, or the general public.
  • 6] Security Safeguards

    1. 1] Our Security Measures. UMPG takes a number of measures to protect the security of our customer's information (i.e., prevent it from being lost, stolen, misused, or accessed by unauthorized persons or entities). These measures include, but are not necessarily limited to:
      1. 1] Storing your information in secure and firewall-protected operating environments that are accessible only to authorized and authenticated UMPG employees and service providers on a strict need-to-know basis;
      2. 2] Using 128-bit SSL encryption for the transmission of any unique customer information through the Service interface and during all logged-in sessions; and,
      3. 3] Locking account access after 5 failed login attempts.
    1. 2] Your Security Measures. The following is a list of some steps you can take to help keep your account information safe.�
      1. 1] When you create or change your unique login password for the first time, choose a password that is hard for others to guess, and be sure never to reveal it to anyone else. It is your responsibility to keep your password and account information confidential at all times.
      2. 2] If you use a shared or public computer, never choose to have your unique login information remembered and make sure to log out of your account every time you leave the computer. You should also avoid saving or downloading any royalty statements onto shared or public computers.
      3. 3] The "Terms of Service" for the Service may contain additional suggestions and requirements on how to keep your account information secure.� Any such additional measures are meant to be incorporated into this Policy by this reference.
  • 7] Access and Modification of Your Account Information

    1. 1] Access and Modification. To access or modify your account information, please login to your account and select the Address tab.�Alternatively, you may contact your Account Manager. To request the deletion of your account contact you account manager. You may be required to verify your identity with the proper login credentials before we make any requested changes to your account.
  • 8] Your Acceptance of this Policy / Changes to this Policy

    1. 1] Your Acceptance. By using the Service, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the practices and terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.� If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not use the Service.
    2. 2] Residents outside the United StatesThe Service is intended for client users around the world.� If you are a user from outside the U.S., please note that any information used or provided to us in connection with the Service may be processed and stored by UMPG within the U.S.� By using the Service, you agree to the transfer, use, and disclosure of your information as set forth in this Policy.
    3. 3] Notification of Changes. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time.� If we make any changes, we will update the effective date of the Policy or post the date the most recent updates or revisions were made.� Please check back periodically to ensure you are aware of these changes. Your failure to object or continued use of our Sites after these changes are posted will signify your acceptance of the new or revised Policy.
      1. 1] Material Changes. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting a prominent notice about the change on the Service login page or in this Privacy Policy, and, if necessary or appropriate, provide you with certain choices before any such change takes effect.

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